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Lau_Tzu_by_Mikkel_UrupHow does online consulting works?

There is more to this world than what we can feel and touch. Everything is energy. Spiritual energy is moving faster than the speed of light and are not depending on time or space. This is the reason why online readings are just as accurate as if  I was sitting right in front of you. The spiritual realm, The Guides and Angels  I am communicating with deliver their messages faster than most of us  can  imagine.

Whether you’re seeking advice regarding a specific topic  or  you wish to get a general reading, online consulting is a good option for you if you seek guidance and clarity

The SpiritGuides, and Angels are communicating with me through different sensations, and through the Angel Tarot deck.

What I see and feel in a reading is the energy around you, which is a blueprint of your life as it is now. Always remember that nothing is written in stone, the whole point with the reading is for you to get information’s and gain knowledge so you are able to transform whatever your circumstances are. In that way you will be able to take the best possible action steps towards creating the life that you want.

I have been doing readings for people all over the world through the internet and also by phone.

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